When I ordered checks and labels from Checks Unlimited I specified that I did not want to pay extra for tracking or faster delivery. They must make a lot of money from these add-ons because their site asks again and again if you want to add it.

My checks were due to arrive in a couple of weeks. I started worrying three weeks later when they didn't arrive. I called and they said to wait another week. At the end of another week, still no checks.

I called and was kind of reprimanded for not paying extra for tracking and fast delivery.

I really think they punish customers for not spending the extra money by not mailing their checks out for a month.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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The CU corporate apologist should re-read what he wrote and see if he wants to apply the customer service he delivers to the service he expects from others. Checks are going the way of the buggy whip and they don't care about customer service?

I called CU concerned because mail theft is a real problem and it is not hard to recognize bank check mailers. I mailed my order 5/31. My check to CU cleared the bank 6/5 (pretty nimble with that, aren't they?). Its 6/23 and they tell me it could still be 7-10 more days.

No - its not the fault of the US mail and weather conditions as the nimrod on the phone had been scripted to say - its simply CU's business practice. CU does everything they can to pry more $ from you for expedited delivery (and I know what real delivery costs are).

If I can access CU or another check printer through a third party like Wal-Mart (leverage is the name of the game) - I will. As for my relationship with CU - bad words on the blog, bad recommendations to my friends & family - while we watch another buggy whip factory close down because they scorn their customers.

Morrisville, North Carolina, United States #578951

SAME exact thing happened to me. Based on the "example" they show on their site, the checks should print within 3-5 buz days and then 10 buz days with reg shipping.

3 weeks and 16 buz days later I still haven't received my checks. After calling once, they reprimanded me for not paying extra for track able or quick shipping. Today the guy told me sorry, but its the holiday season... I told him he should put it on their website that any orders nov - jan will be delayed and he told me to blame the post office.

I told him to cancel my order and I then went to walmart and ordered my checks thru them with overnight delivery. I should get them next Wednesday (possibly 2 days before checks unlimited said they had to deliver)!

Never again. They were terrible with customer service!

to Raleighkris Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #614073

Who do you think prints the checks for WalMart? I can tell you it is not WalMart.... He he he he

to Raleighkris Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #614074

I love how you blame a printing company for a delivery service. Are you kidding me?

Printing alone is 5-10 business day (that can be 1-2 weeks if you can't do the math) and we get our quoted delivery times for THIRD CLASS BULK MAIL from the United States Post Office.

Mind you third class is junk mail rate.

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