Checks Unlimited - Beware When Ordering

I've been a long-time Checks Unlimited customer, for no other reason than that their ads come in the mail and make it easy for me to order checks without having to hunt around for another deal.

This morning I called them to place a reorder. I got a friendly sounding woman on the phone, who was happy to take my order. I told her I wanted two boxes of checks, which were listed on their Web site at $21.90 for both boxes. I gave her the style, type, checking account number, address change, etc. So far, so good.

It's when she reviewed my order that the trouble started. First, she upped my order to four boxes of checks without my authorization. I had to correct her on that.

Then she went through a whole spiel of reasons why I would save money if I opted for all kinds of extras. I cut her off even before she started the next paragraph of hard-sell (that she was obviously reading) to say I didn't want whatever she was offering. She chuckled and began reading the selling point anyway. I realized she probably was told to read every customer the whole script, no matter what, so I just let her do the spiel and then turned down each offer.

Finally, we got to my order total. It came to more than $40. I said, "Wait a minute. It's supposed to be $21.90 for two boxes. It isn't $21.90 per box, is it?" She said no, that she was just about to explain the extra amounts.

It turned out that her computer system automatically adds extras that I didn't order: Higher UPS shipping to include a tracking service, and a fee for a check-protection service.

Apparently, with Checks Unlimited, it's your responsibility as a customer to turn down everything they tack onto your order. If you aren't paying close attention and just authorize a credit-card payment, you could easily end up paying twice as much as you orginally thought the checks would cost.

When I realized this about halfway through my order, I immediately canceled the entire order and told the woman that I would not be rewarding her company with my business when they were pulling such underhanded tactics on unsuspecting customers.

By going online and looking for other check-printing companies, I found another place that offered me the same quality checks in the same amounts for less than $16 total, including shipping and handling.

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Mar 01 Neenah, Wisconsin

I am a senior citizen, ordered $100.00 worth of personal checks, a satisfied customer previously, but unhappy now. Every time I write a check, as I tear it out of the book, 95% of the time, it tears. I have tried rulers, tearing from different ends, et al and they tear. I have to tear up most and begin again. A fraud and disappointment that it seems you can't get it right.

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Feb 23 Andover, New Jersey

Absolutely the most sleezy company I've dealt with. I did an order for 2 boxes at $28 and declined the fraud protection (twice) and the UPS tracking upsell (twice) but after providing my credit card info the confirmation was 37 with an unspecified handling charge and tax. Pure sleeze, these folks should be burned at a stake for their sales tactics. I'll buy checks through a bank before I order again.

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Aug 27, 2014

I ordered online, and as I was checking out I noticed they had added a $16 charge for some kind of fraud protection. I had not done anything to select this, and had not been asked if I wanted it; it was just there as a default. There was a way to opt out, so I did that, but instead of just showing no charge it now showed a $9 charge for some other, presumably less extensive fraud protection! I opted out again, finally getting rid of the fraud protection completely, then selected my shipping option and checked out. Imagine my surprise when I then saw, only AFTER finalizing my order, that IN ADDITION to the $8.95 shipping charge I had agreed to, they had added a separate, $13.80 charge for "handling"! It's possible that this was listed somewhere in the fine print before I clicked "confirm," and that I would have seen it if I had checked more carefully, but the idea that I should have to scrutinize each page for hidden charges like this is ludicrous. Needless to say, I won't be ordering from them again, and I'm not at all happy that such untrustworthy people have not only my credit card info, but also my checking account info.

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Jan 30, 2014

I recently ordered from checks unlimited. When I got to the checkout page I saw postage was soooo expensive. Having been a recent victim of identity fraud I decided to pay the extra money and get UPS tracking. We'll ups tracks to their local center and mails it the rest of the way with no tracking. What did I pay for? My local UPS is z15 minutes away . When I didn't get ny package in 2.5 days I called checks unlimited she told me to call my post office. Why? I get mail daily. I called today and they wanted me to call usps with the ups tracking number really! Then the supervisor said she would refund my shipping, then she said I should call my bank and stop payment on 400 checks then she said she would reship with different numbers but in the end she did Nothing I will call my bank but then I'll have to call them again either way I want my money back. Spend the extra money avoid the hastle go to your bank.

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Jan 20, 2014

I had the same issue. After 20+ years using Checks Unlimited, I would rather pay more if I had to than ever using their service again. LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! :(

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Nov 05, 2013

If this person has a computer, connected to the net, then just why is it that they are on the phone to some twit?
Sounds like total *** to me, you know that there are people that get paid by competitors to talk trash and that is what this sounds like.

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Oct 25, 2013

Same things happened to me. I ordered on-line, they automatically added products to my shopping cart. I took them out - they put them back in. Imagine if your went to Wal-Mart and the cashier kept throwing things in your cart.

Do something about it! I filed a complaint against them with File a complaint. It's only when many complaints are filed that their deceptive business practices will stop. Take action.

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Aug 14, 2013

You guys are really scaring me. Ordered, and order was delivered but there was a mistake. I admit, the mistake was partially mine. But, their description of the checks :? was at the bottom of it all. Fast forward: A nice young woman heard my complaint and said I would be getting new checks with no charge to me, and for me to destroy the one's I had gotten.
I hope I'm not charged after all this.

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Kidd pissed consumer

Aug 06, 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here's the REAL DEAL. I ordered checks from and with their satisfaction guarantee, privacy page, security page and have concluded these checks were altered by CIA probably. DC Fulfillment Center is some ***. Then they conspire your phone calls telling you that everything is okay or whatever but its really a fake customer service line the CIA is running. If you ordered from you'd want it to come from checksunlimited. The addresses on your checks packages and the addresses on your website are different, clearly don't match and is conspiracy you probably got a problem with the CIA or some place. DC Fulfillment center can kiss my ***. This whole check package was definately replaced. UPS Ground for UPS SurePost. They probably switched up your Marked Print signature line with some phony contract, too, huh? Yeah... is fine. It's the government agencies that are out of hand. READ THIS.

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Dec 19, 2012 Trenton, New Jersey

I unselected all of the extras and they still slipped in more expensive shipping when I clicked continue. Watch each screen and unselect what you do not want. You might have to unselect the same item on several screens to get the order the way you want it. They are sneeky devils.

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Jun 18, 2012

I didn't know until today, that checks unlimited and Designer Checks are sister companies and share the same customer service reps. Is there no one above board anymore? The fees to rush the processing then the shipping are not worth the cost. I am going thru my bank from now on, if the bank messes up then they eat the cost.

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Blue Heron

Jun 13, 2012

I couldn't agree more with all above comments. Buyer beware: this checking printing business is a rip-off. Better off buying checks through your bank.

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Dec 02, 2011

Boy ,they let them get away with this.

Well I didn't !! Told her right off, I
just want to reorder my checks and don't wany anything extra. Tried to go from $34.00 to $64.00. This will be my last order from them!!.

They try to suck you in with a special price for so many boxes of checks and then they try to push all these extras on you.

Well,they didn't get ME !

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Nov 16, 2011

Buyer beware!!!!!!! I ordered checks from Checks Unlimited sent check with our reorder form got them 20 days later and a bill for$38.22 more money. Called them they had a mixup, thought things was taken care of, but they sent it to a collection company . Today got an ad in the mail can order same checks again for $22.00 they need to keep the story straight, there crooks.

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Nov 15, 2011

Shipping/handling time is a total racket!! I ordered my checks on Oct 1st and did not receive them until Oct 26th??!! I did not opt to have the "rush delivery" as I felt I could wait the 10 days for normal delivery. I called on Oct. 21 and expressed my anger and concern about not having the checks yet when an email confirmation said they SHIPPED on Oct 6 -- since when does it take anything shipped in the the USA over two weeks to arrive at its destination?? I was also told it could take up to 3 weeks for delivery...I think it's a racket! If you don't opt for the "rush delivery" for an extra $6-$10 I think they sit on your order!! Will NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN!!

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Sep 29, 2011

I ordered the checks like everyone else from a coupon I clipped out of the paper. I had to use my credit card (which I never do). Imagine my surprise when all these online orders starting appearing on my credit card. It is my belief that whoever took my order, thought they could also use my credit card to go on a personnel shopping spree. Since I only used the card in the last 12 months to order the checks the source would have to be from there. Here's the best part. I called Checks unlimited to advise them of the situation and I was informed there is nothing they can do about it and I have to go to my local police and the credit card company! If you use this company to order checks you may get more than you bargained for. Now I have to close my checking account and cancel my card.....the savings was not worth the mess I have to clear up.

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Sep 14, 2011

I just ordered from Checks Unlimited late yesterday. I was appalled when they told me that the order for 4 boxes would come to $110! I checked competing prices, found I could order the same checks for under $20 including shipping, and called back first thing this morning to cancel the order. and I was told that the order was in printing and it was too late to cancel. This is a ripoff. I'm never ordering from Checks Unlimited again.

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Bird Momma

Aug 18, 2011

I ordered on 8/1. Shipped on 8/3. Now it is 8/18. Called several times. They said they are sorry that I didn't understand that it could take up to 3 weeks to get them. If I don't have them tomorrow I coudl start another order...I could have driven to Colorado to pick them up!!!

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Jul 15, 2011

@TRW Hey *** i am sure you would have been "pissed" off if they would not mailed your checks and instead would have stoped the order to wait for the payment. You cheap people *** me off. There are only a few check printing companies. You guys can only scam them for a few times by bouncing around. oh wait, i am sure you threaten them by saying "i will order from my bank " hahahaha go order from them then. For 50$ a box from your bank.

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Abigail R.

Jun 10, 2011

I had also ordered from a coupon insert a couple of years ago, and was happy with my order/service/etc., so went to the website to reorder and it was ridiculously expensive, so I called customer service to be able to talk to a human being. I was (I thought) desperate because I only had about ten checks left and I pay most of my bills by check - they talked me into getting the expedited shipping and the UPS etc. - total bill? $84!!!!!! To add insult to injury, I then found out my bank gives you checks for FREE. I don't get bunnies or rainbows - just plain simple checks. Expenisve lesson learned - I will NOT be a returning customer.

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