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I Reordered checks. New ones came without logo. Called to point out their mistake and get the correct ones. They said that they had me in as a new customer not a returning one. I said that that's their mistake, not mine and I wanted the same checks as I had before and said that I didn't even pick out a new design so not sure how they knew what checks to send me. She said the checks still work and said that she wouldn't do anything for me. ... Read more

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I recieved my checks you cashed the check for payment of them now I get a bill for 54.19 saying im a return customer! well you can have your checks back you printed with no problem I ordered them because of pictures on thgem but I can get plain ones at my bank for no charge so let me know where to send them as I have ordered new ones from my bank. As far as I know once you cash my check that is my order and shame on you for not contacting me... Read more

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I have ordered my checks from your firm for many years. HOWEVER, this year you put the wrong address--now I have 4 boxes of checks that are wrong, ALSO, I did not order the duplicate checks, one does me fine, so I now have half of each checks to throw away. Please correct this! Gwenith Rhodes 630 Webb (not Waebb) San Manuel, AZ 85631 I expect a redress of my complaint with the corrected versions mailed to me post haste. My checks are part of how... Read more

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Recently ordered 4 boxes of checks from this company thru the mail. Per their instructions I payed my invoice with a personal check with all my personal information and added the re-order check from my last check book for them to have for printing and information purposes. I received my checks today and everything was correct except for the Street Name and the City in which all 4 boxes are screwed up. I am currently out of checks and cannot use... Read more

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Ordered 2 boxes of personal checks from this company. The Box 2 of 2 arrived. Box 1 did not and was told to wait two weeks even though they shipped together. Checks Unlimited response: You should have paid for tracking... Now need to report these checks lost or stolen, get a new bank account number, update direct deposit and order checks again from a reputable company that will send both boxes. Feel like the whole incident was a ploy to... Read more

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The first and only time I ordered was about 10 years ago and from a newspaper insert. The order was printed OK, but I was dismayed at the hidden fees. I tried the website; however, it wouldn't take my info, so I called the 800 #. The customer service guy said I was no longer in the system, so I could order as a 1st time customer. He took my info, but balked when I said I don't get paid until tomorrow. Then I found out the design I wanted was... Read more

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I ordered checks via an advertisment in flyer in mail; the offer was $6.50 for "1box"of checks, Apparently at some time in the past I had placed an order; the check was cashed on Feb 16, i didn't receive checks, on March 1st, I received a call saying that since I had at some prior time order from your company, that the cost for the checks was $28.95. If this was "legitimate" why was I not notified before the check was cashed? It is now March... Read more

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I ordered checks from them and then received a bill charging me more than I had originally agreed to as an order. They cashed my payment and delivered my checks and then billed me for a made up remainder that was about five times the price. No one ever answers their customer service phone number. I mailed a letter of dispute and got a letter threatening to submit to the credit bureaus. Do yourself a favor and do not order from them! They... Read more

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I ordered checks from your company and returned them because my coupon was outdated and the prices had changed. I never received a refund for returning your merchandise. Please remove me from your mailing list so I don't receive any more of your junk mail. I don't want to order from you again and my removal will keep me from doing it by mistake. No refunds no more business from me.

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My husband and I have NEVER had an issue with our bank account being hacked or anything of that such, all of a sudden I order checks from checks unlimited and less than 12 hours late our account is hacked and over $480 taken!

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